How to Play Free Solitaire Games

By Contributing Writer

The addictive game of solitaire is also one of the most widely produced free applications. On many different types of personal computers and even traveling electronic devices, solitaire seems to be everywhere. You don't have to look hard to find a free version of it lurking around the corner.

Play solitaire for free on Windows. All Windows programs, since the early 1990s, have included a free version of solitaire in their "games" folder. Go to the Start button in the lower left-hand corner of your screen, click and go to "all programs." Move the mouse up to "Games," and slick on "Solitaire." The game will open up immediately.

Play solitaire for free on your iPod. On the main screen of your iPod (4th gen, 5th gen and iPod Classic versions) click on "extras." Scroll down and click on "games." Scroll down and click on "solitaire." The game will open. In new new iPhone and iTouch you can download solitaire apps, some free, some not.

Find free solitaire games online. Go to Google and simply type in "free solitaire game." The choices range in the hundreds from games you can play online by yourself, online competitions and even free solitaire software you can download. Many of these can be downloaded to Palm or other PDAs.

Play it old school... with cards! Dig around and find that old deck of cards you have lying around at the bottom of your closet and deal up a round of solitaire for yourself. Be sure to count through the deck and make sure all the cards are there. Nothing's more infuriating than not playing with a full deck!