How to Play the "Four-Five-Six" Dice Game

By Dana Severson

“Four-Five-Six” is a gambling dice game brought over to the U.S. from China. With its fairly straightforward game play and rules, it’s one of the easier games to pick up and enjoy. All you’ll need to play is a set of three dice, a little cash and a few willing players. For this example, let’s place you in the role of the banker.

Take bets against you (the banker) that you will then cover. Feel free to place limits on the bets beforehand. If you’re the banker, it’s up to you how much money you’re willing to win (or lose).

Roll the dice. If you throw a 4/5/6, any pair and a 6 or three of a kind, you win all bets. If you throw a 1/2/3 or any pair and a 1, you lose all bets. If you roll a pair and any other number (2, 3, 4 or 5), you’ve set up the point number for this round.

Pass the dice to the player to your left. He will roll the dice, trying to best your roll. If he rolls a 1/2/3 or any pair and a 1, you lose your bet with him. If he rolls a 4/5/6, any pair and a 6 or three of a kind, you win your bet with him. If he throws a pair and any other number, he’s set up his point number for the round. If his point number is higher than yours, no matter what pairs he has thrown, he wins the bet. A play like this may appear as follows: You throw a 5, 5 and 3. Your opponent throws a 4, 4 and 5. Your point total is a 3 and his point total is a 5. He wins even though your pair is higher than his.

Play continues around the circle, following the same rules, until everyone has thrown and all bets are won, lost or drawn.

Shift the banker to the next player in the circle and start again.

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