How to Play the Fire Bet in Casino Craps

By Jared Newman

If you're one of the rare few who has seen the Fire Bet pay out in Casino Craps, you know that the reward is huge. Because the cost of entry is so low, this bet can be tempting even though the odds are stacked against the player. Here's how it works in case you want to give it a try.

Betting on Fire

Place either $1 or $5 in chips on the table and indicate to the dealer nearest you that you'd like to play the Fire Bet.

The shooter must make at least four individual "points" for you to win. A "point" is when the shooter rolls any number between four and ten, except for seven, and then rolls that number again before rolling a seven.

On the "come out" roll, during which the point is established, there is no impact on the Fire Bet if the shooter rolls a seven or "craps out" by rolling a two, three or 12. Otherwise, the player loses when the shooter rolls a seven.

Each individual point must be different than the last. For example, the point of eight only counts once no matter how many times the shooter hits it.

The player wins 25:1 for hitting four individual points, 250:1 for five individual points and 1000:1 for six individual points. Only the highest payout is given to the player when more than four points are hit.

About the Author

Jared Newman is a freelance journalist who writes about video games and technology. He currently writes for PC World, CD Freaks, Technologizer and the uCrave Network, and holds a master's degree in journalism from New York University. Jared is based in Los Angeles, Calif.