How to Play Faro

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Faro, sometimes spelled Pharo, Pharaon or Pharaoh, was once the most popular card game in the days of the Wild West. Now, however, it is found only occasionally in casinos, where it continues to be one of the easiest and most fair of all table games. To learn how to play Faro, follow these steps.

Look at the felt. In front of you should be 13 cards ranging from ace (low card) through king. Ignore the suit; it doesn't matter in this game.

Place your bet on one of the 13 cards in front of you. You can bet multiple cards by placing a chip in between cards or on certain edges of cards. You are betting on the dealer to deal the card you bet on.

Watch the dealer deal the first card from a 52-card deck. This card is the loser. Every bet on this card is scooped up.

Watch the dealer deal the second card. This card is the winner. Every bet on this particular card get paid. All bets are paid in even money and a new hand begins.