How to Play Euchre

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

It's been said that euchre is the card game that brought the Joker to our modern deck of cards. In the North American version of this game, you play without the Joker. The best way to play is with two teams of partners.

Use a 24-card pack with all cards numbered between 2 and 8 removed.

Choose a dealer.

Deal clockwise, giving each player three cards, then two (or two, then three) for a total of five.

Put the remaining cards facedown on the table and turn the top one over.

Begin with the player to the dealer's left. He or she may declare the card on the table trump or may pass. If the player declares the card trump, the dealer must take the card showing and discard one of his or her cards facedown.

Pass the choice to the next player, and he or she can declare the suit trump or pass also. If the passes reach the dealer and the dealer doesn't want the card on the table to be trump, the dealer turns that card over, and the first player can declare any trump.

Decipher the trump system: The Jack of the trump suit is called the Right Bower, and it becomes the highest-ranking card. The next ranking card is the Jack of the same-color suit or Left Bower. So if hearts are trump, the Jack of hearts is the Right Bower, and the next highest card is the Jack of diamonds.

Once the trump is determined, the player to the left of the dealer leads by laying down a card (it doesn't have to be of the trump suit). Players must play cards of the same suit if they have them.

Follow this example: Hearts are trump. Player 1 leads with the Ace of spades. Player 2 lays down the 9 of spades. Player 3 (Player No. 1's partner) doesn't have any spades, so he or she lays down the 10 of hearts. This player has just "trumped in." Player 4 must play a spade if he or she has it; if Player 4 does not have a spade, he or she can win the trick by playing a heart higher than the 10 or by playing the Jack of diamonds.

Make a trick by winning a hand.

Lead the next card if your card wins a trick.

Score 1 point if your team called trump and you take three or four tricks. Take all five tricks (a sweep) and score 2 points. If you don't score at least three tricks and you called the trump, you are Euchered, and the other team receives 2 points.

End the game when a team scores a total of 10 points.