How to Play Dutch Blitz With 2 Players

By Faith Alessio

Dutch Blitz is an enjoyable family-style game that has gained in popularity around the world since its creation by a German optometrist. Werner Ernst George Muller, an immigrant to Pennsylvania, invented the game in the hopes that it would help young children become familiar with their colors and numbers, but it has been played by people of all ages. It can be played in groups ranging from two to eight. Dutch Blitz is easy enough for children to learn but fast-paced enough for adults to enjoy.

Choose a symbol (pump, plow, buggy or barrel) for each of the two players, and separate out those decks. Set the remaining cards aside. They will not be used. Each player should now set up his playing area by laying out five cards (post piles) face-up. In a regular four-person game, only three cards are used.

Count out a stack of 10 cards (the blitz pile), and place it face-up to the right of your post piles. Hold the remaining deck of 25 cards in your hand.

Begin play as per the regular rules by placing any face-up "1" cards in the center of the table. If this leaves any gaps in the five post piles, replace the cards from the blitz pile.

At a given signal, both players should begin stacking cards, by number and color, in the center of the playing area. A stack must begin with "1," is completed at "10," and can only contain one color. Cards can be taken from the post piles, the top of the blitz pile or the player's deck. Any time a post pile card is played, it should be replaced by a card from the blitz pile.

If you have no options for play from the post or blitz piles, you may flip the top three cards off the deck onto a separate pile (the wood pile). A player may only play the top card of the wood pile. When the whole deck has been placed on the wood pile, pick the pile up without shuffling and return it to your hand.

Open up new cards for play by stacking on the post piles. Cards should be stacked in descending numerical order and must alternate symbols (boy, girl, boy, girl). This allows you to move cards from your blitz pile or wood pile in order to play the cards underneath. Only the lowest numbered card on a stack can be played.

Win the round by emptying your blitz pile. When you have played all 10 cards from your blitz pile, shout "blitz" to announce your win. Play immediately ceases.

Score the round by counting the number of cards left in the losing player's blitz pile as well as the number of cards played by each player: add one point for every played card and subtract two points for every card remaining in the blitz pile. Shuffle the cards and repeat until one player has reached 75 points or a predetermined score.

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