How to Play the Drinking Game 3-Man

By Alan Kirk

Drinking games are very popular at colleges, bars, parties, and anywhere people are drinking socially. One of the most popular versions of drinking games are dice games. 3-Man is a very simple drinking game played with dice. The great part about this game is that there are not many supplies you need to play. Just drinks and a pair of dice.

Organize a drinking game night for your friends. This can be played as a specified night of drinking games, or just part of a typical party or night at the bar. All you need is a pair of dice and drinks for everyone in the game. This means that you don't need a lot of pre-game preparation to play 3-Man. The Drinking Game 3-Man can be played with any number of players as long as you have at least two.

Start rolling the dice, certain numbers require players to drink. For 3-Man, it is best if the players are sitting in a circle at a table. The first player to roll a three on two dice is 3-Man. That player must drink any time a three is rolled on one die or a combination of the two dice on any player's turn. That player remains as 3-Man until another player rolls a total of three on his or her turn with two dice.

Assign a drink and create a new rule for the game if snake eyes, or double ones are rolled. Any player rolling two ones on the dice may make up his or her own rule to add to the game, and force an opponent to drink one drink.

Rolling doubles also allows the roller to assign drinks to any player at the table. The number of drinks assigned is equal to the face up value of one of the dice. That number of drinks can be split among multiple players when assigned.

Rolling a total of nine on the two dice means everyone in the game must drink. This is known as a social.

Toss a seven on the two dice and the player to the left of the roller must drink one drink. The player to the right of the roller must drink one drink if the roller tosses an eleven on the two dice.

Rolling a four on one die and a one on the other starts a race at the table. When this occurs each player must give the "thumbs up" sign. The last player to do this is declared the loser of the race and must drink one drink.

Continue rolling as long as the player rolls one of the combinations listed above. If any other combination is rolled, the roller must drink one drink and pass the dice to the next player.

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