How to Play Dominion

By Contributing Writer
Play Dominion

Dominion is a board game played with cards, and it became incredibly popular when it was released late in 2008. The game play itself is very simple, and games with two, three or even four players can finish in half an hour or less. All you have to do on your turn is buy a card and take an action. But the combinations are endless.

Lay out the Treasure Piles and Victory Piles, sorting these cards into the three types each. If playing with only two players, remove four cards from each Victory Pile. Select 10 types of Kingdom cards at random from the box, and lay out 10 small piles, one of each type.

Give each player a deck of seven copper cards and three estate cards. Shuffle your deck, draw five cards, and you're ready to start the game.

Start your turn by playing up to one Action card from your hand and following the rules on the card. (You will have no action cards on the first two turns.) For example, if your card was the Smithy, which says "+3 Cards," you would immediately draw three cards. If your Action card says "+1 Action," you may play an additional action card.

Once you have finished your action phase, you may buy one card. To buy a card, simply add up the value of all treasure in your hand. You may spend it by discarding it, to buy any unowned card with an equal or lower cost. (The cost of a card is in the lower left-hand corner.) The bought card immediately goes into your discard pile.

End your turn by discarding all cards you played, in addition to any cards remaining in your hand. Draw five cards from your deck, and the turn passes to the next player. If you have to draw and there are no cards left in your deck, simply shuffle your discard pile, and turn it face-down, so it becomes your deck.

End the game when all of the Province Victory cards are gone, or when any three other piles run out. Whoever has the most victory points in her deck is the winner.