How to Play the Dice Game Don't Go to Jail

By Diana Doherty
Play the Dice Game Don't Go to Jail

Don't Go to Jail is a game created in the early 1990s by Parker Brothers. It is similar to Monopoly. Don't Go to Jail is played with two or more players and is suggested for ages 8 and up. The goal of the game is to be the player with the most points and matches all while avoiding rolling "GO-TO-JAIL."

Choose a scorekeeper.

Choose a first player. Each player can roll one die, then the highest or lowest roll may start.

Choose point limit. Parker Brothers suggests 15,000 points for a four-player game.

Shake and roll all 10 dice in the cup. Keep any matches of up to four dice. Matches can be made by color, picture or both utilities. If you roll GO," "TO" or "Jail," you must put it with Rich Uncle Pennybags in the Jail.

Continue rolling as many times as you want. If you roll three dice that spell out "GO-TO-JAIL," your turn ends and your score is zero.

Place matches on their respective places on the board. You cannot re-roll those dice.

Use a Wild die any way you want to. You may even make a match with two Wilds.

Add up the score for your turn. Each match is worth different amounts (dark purple is worth 600; dark blue is 3,500, for example). Be sure the scorekeeper writes it down.

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