How to Play the Dice Game Bunko

By Julie Elle

Bunco, Bunko or Buncko? No matter how it is spelled in your neck of the woods, this dice rolling game is used by many groups of women as the perfect excuse for a girl's night out. Whether you've been invited to fill in as a Bunco sub for an established group or you are thinking of forming a Bunco group of your own, learning to play is easy. If you can roll dice and add numbers, you can play Bunco.

Set the stage for your Bunco game by arranging tables and chairs for the players. Because the game is played in groups of four, card tables are a good choice. In lieu of card tables, any other table and chairs will work as long as they are set up for four people at each table.

Stock each table with three dice to be shared between four people as well as a scorecard and writing utensil for each player.

Invite everyone to be seated. Each table will consist of two teams. Teammates are those people sitting directly across from each other.

Fill everyone in on the object of the game. There are six rounds per Bunco game. During each round, the object is to roll as many ones, twos, threes, fours, fives or sixes as possible. If you are in round one, you are trying to roll ones on the dice. If you are playing round two, you are going after twos on the dice. Play continues in this way until the completion of round six. Teammates record one point each time the intended number appears on the dice they roll. The round ends when someone in the room (at any table) reaches 21. At the end of each round, everyone must change teammates. Winners remain at the table and losers must trade seats with losers from another table. Scores are tallied at the end of the game and the individual with the highest total is the winner.

Begin the Bunco game. One person at the table will roll the dice and record any ones that appear on the dice. The person across from them will also record this score since teammates share points. When no ones appear on the dice, the dice are passed to the next player in a clockwise direction. Play continues in this way until one team reaches 21 at which point the losers must trade seats with losers from other tables. The process is repeated for each round through the completion of round six.

Tally the scores. At the end of 6 rounds, each player adds together her scores from all six rounds to reach a final score. The winner is the Bunco player with the most points.

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