How to Play Craps and Win

By KDub

Play craps according to this strategy for the best overall odds of any casino game available. The house statistically has an advantage no matter what the game, however, betting this way reduces that advantage to less than half a percent. The key is grinding out little ups or downs and cashing in on those one or two hot shooters. One must remember the only way to win is walking away once things have gone well, but avoid cutting short a winning streak.

Drop $100 on the table, ask the dealer for $5 chips and leave two of them on the pass line.

The shooter is "coming out" for a point on their first roll of the dice. This is essentially the only roll where craps (2, 3 or 12) is bad and you lose your $10. Conversely, this is also the only time a 7 is good and you win. Any number between 4 and 10 becomes the point. Your $10 pass line is now betting the point comes up again on a subsequent roll before a 7 does. "7 out" ends the game and all bets are lost. Hitting the point starts the game over after each pass line better is paid.

Payouts for a point being hit vary based on statistics a number will be rolled again. Dice summing to 4 or 10 pays 2-1, 5 or 9 pays 3-2 and a 6 or 8 pays 6-5. One imperative piece to playing the game right is placing odds. Odds are additional moneys (commonly allowed up to 5 times the orginal) placed on a bet, however, they pay double. For example, the point is 8 and you have $10 on it (the pass line). You now lay another $20 odds. If the 8 hits before the 7 you get $10 * 6/5 = $12 for your original bet and $20 * 6/5 * 2 = $48 for your $10 odds bet.

After a point is established and odds placed you now want to lay another $10 bet on the come line. A come bet works the same way as the pass line and is basically an opportunity to bet additonal numbers. The next roll by the shooter creates this secondary target number. If at any time that number is rolled again before a 7 you get paid. Odds placed on come bets also pay double which is the beauty of this system.

The goal is work up to having money on three numbers. At that point the house's advantage is the lowest the casino can offer. You want a pass line bet going for the original number and two come bets on other numbers. You're in a good spot knowing if any of three numbers hits on any roll you get paid. If the point hits all comes bets sit idle while the shooter comes out for another point. If a come bet hits you would get paid and immediately lay another come bet for that third number again.

Cheer the shooter hits your numbers as many times as possible before that nasty 7 comes along. A good rule of thumb is hitting two numbers for any given shooter is breaking even or slightly better.