How to Play Chinese Rummy

By Peter Boysen

Looking for a new card game? Chinese rummy is a card game that uses Chinese symbols and has the same overall routine as poker or Michigan rummy. Read more about how to play this fun game!

Your Chinese rummy deck will have 27 cards. There are a Yin card, a Yang card, 5 Elements cards, 5 Beasts for Sacrifice cards, 5 Directions cards, 5 Virtues cards, and 5 Blessing cards. After shuffling the deck, give 5 cards to each player (this game is for 2 or 3 players). Flip the top card from the remaining deck to start the discard pile (leave this pile face up).

When it is your turn, take either the top card from the deck, or the top card from the discard pile. When you are done, place another card face up on the discard pile.

The first player who makes a meld wins the hand. Melds can take one of several forms -- a flush, a straight, or five of a kind. The flush is all 5 cards from one suit; the straight is cards numbered 1-5, but all five must be from different suits. Five of a kind would be all 5 of the same number. The Yin card can be used as a wild card to complete the flush, and the Yang card can be used as a wild card to complete the five of a kind.

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