How to Play Chickenfoot Dominoes

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Chickenfoot dominoes gets it name from the shape the tiles make when playing the game. It's usually played with a double-9 set of dominoes but can be played with any set. The object of the game is to play all of your tiles first and to have the lowest score when all rounds have been played. Read on to learn more.

Place all of the dominoes face down on a table and mix them up. This is now known as the "bone pile." Have each player choose the same number of tiles from this, leaving the fewest number of tiles possible in the bone pile.

Play the highest double number domino to begin the game. Each round after this will begin with the next highest double. For instance, if you start with a double-9, the next round will start with a double-8 and on down.

Move play to the left. This person must play a number equal to the double played to begin the game. Any time a player can't make a play, he must either draw a domino from the bone pile and play it if possible, or pass if no tiles are left to draw. Before any other play can be made, the four sides of the first tile must be played upon. For example, if a double-9 starts the game, four dominoes with one 9-side must be placed on one of its four sides.

Play a double tile by placing it across the tile with the same number rather than end to end with it. This is the beginning of a chicken foot. The next three tiles played must be on this double, have the same number as it, and be placed on the open side and diagonal from the lower outside corners. The end result will look like a chicken foot. Play then continues as normal.

Continue play, matching like ends of tiles to each other and moving to the left with each play made. A person can play as many dominoes as possible with each turn.

End the round when one player has used all of his dominoes or no one can make a legal play. At this point count up everyone's score. Everyone left with dominoes must add the number of dots on all of them to come up with his score. Some rules state the double-zero tile counts as 50 points but you can decide for yourselves if you want to incorporate this rule. After all rounds have been played, the person with the lowest cumulative score wins the game.