How to Play the Card Game Sevens

By Margo Dill
by nutmeg
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Sevens is a card game the whole family can enjoy. As long as you can count and know that seven comes after six and before eight, you will do fine at this game. With a little luck and some strategy, you will be the Sevens champion. Read on to see how to play the card game Sevens.

How to Play the Card Game Sevens

Deal seven cards to each player. The players arrange their cards by suit in their hand. No one should see each other's cards. The rest of the cards are put face down in a pile.

Lay down a seven when it is your turn. No one can play until at least one seven has been laid down. The sevens are laid horizontally next to each other in the middle of the table. If a player does not have a seven to start the game, he must pick from the pile. For example, if player A dealt, then it is player B's turn. But player B does not have a seven, so he picks one card from the pile. This continues until someone has a seven to lay down. If you choose a card on your turn that is playable, you may put it on the board.

Put cards in sequential order above and below the seven when it is your turn. The cards have to match the suit of the seven. For example, if it is player A's turn, he can put down a six of clubs, vertically above the seven of clubs. He can continue to play until he does not have any more moves. When he is finished with any cards he can play on the board from his hand, his turn is over. Eights are placed below the sevens (going down vertically) until you reach the king of a certain suit.

Pick a card from the pile whenever it is your turn, and you do not have a play. You just pick one card each time you can not play. You do not discard once you pick a card. You keep the cards in your hand and play them on the sevens or the branches with sixes and eights coming off of the seven.

Finish and win the game when you have no more cards left in your hand because you played them all on the board.

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