How to Play the Card Game Crash

By Dana Severson

If you’re familiar with “brag” cards, you’ll have no problem picking up the game of Crash. Each player is dealt a fixed number of cards; from these cards, you are tasked with arranging them into four hands, trying to make each the best hand possible. It's not always as simple as it might sound.

Determine first deal by dealing out the cards face up until one player is dealt a jack. This person will act as the first dealer. Deal will continue around the table in a clockwise direction.

Deal out the deck until all players have 13 cards. Any remaining cards will not be used for this round.

Pick up your cards and arrange them into four sets of “brag” hands, each “brag” hand consisting of three cards. The leftover card is set aside.

Arrange your “brag” hands in front of you, starting with the highest to your left and the lowest to your right (see the Tips section for ranking order). You must arrange them in this order. To do otherwise is cheating, and you will not gain any points for this round.

Reveal your first “brag” hand. The highest first hand scores a single point. From there, everyone reveals their second hand. Again, the highest second hand scores a single point. Continue to reveal your hands in the same way until all players have revealed their four hands. The total number of points available in a single round is four, unless one person wins all four points in a given round. He would then earn an additional point since a “crash” took place.

Win the game of Crash by being the first person to reach 21 points.

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