How to Play Bunco With 12 People

By eHow Contributor
Bunco is played with dice. Images

Bunco is a popular game for a girls' night out, couples' game night and games for getting to know your neighbors. Bunco is a simple dice game in which you take turns rolling to get as many points as you can.

Step 1

Print out 12 score sheets, which can be found online (see Resources).

Step 2

Set up the tables. You will need three tables situated in different areas of your home, if possible. Each table should be marked as one of the following: Head, Middle, Bottom. Place four score sheets and pens, and three dice. Include a bowl of candy or nuts for guests, if you like.

Step 3

Have everyone sit randomly at the tables. Each person is partnered for the first round with the person sitting opposite.

Step 4

Ring a bell or announce that the game is starting. During each round, players take turns rolling the dice in an attempt to hit the number of the round. In round one, you are rolling to get 1's, in round two, you want 2's, and so forth.

Step 5

Award a point for every die that matches the round number. For example, in round five, if a player rolls two 5's and a 1, she gets 2 points for the two 5's but nothing for the 1. Once one team reaches 21 at the Head table, play ends for that round and you add up your tallies to see which partners win at the other tables.

Step 6

Award 21 points if a player rolls the round number with all three dice on his turn. For example, in round two, one player rolls three 2's. This is a bunco. If a player rolls three of any other number, he gets 5 points.

Step 7

Let one player roll repeatedly until she no longer rolls a score. For example, she might roll a 1, a 2 and a 3 in round one, so she scores 1 point for the 1. She then rolls again with all three dice. If she does not get a 1 or any three dice of the same number, her turn end and she passes the dice to her left. Everyone at the table must get a turn, regardless of whether the Head table has finished.

Step 8

Let the winners at the Head table remain seated and move the the losers to the Bottom table. The Bottom winners move to the Middle table -- losers remain, but switch partners. The Middle winners move to the Head table --remaining partners -- while the losers stay at the Middle table, switching partners with the new members. This continues after every round.

Step 9

Play two games of six rounds each, with a break in between. Once you finish the second game, sheets are gathered by the last winners of the Head table and prizes are awarded.