How to Play The Box Head Drinking Game

By Alan Kirk

Drinking games fun because you can make your friends look like idiots. That is especially true with the Box Head Drinking Game. How many other games force someone to wear an empty beer box during the game? With the ability to humiliate a friend with alcohol and a game that needs very few pieces to play it, the Box Head Drinking Game is a winner for you and your drinking buddies.

Get your friends together for a night of drinking and fun. The Box Head Drinking Game helps facilitate the combination of these items. What is great about the Box Head Drinking Game is that you only need two players, but you can play with as many as you choose to include in the game. There is no maximum number of players.

Purchase a case or two of beer. Make sure you keep the box the beer comes in as it is a playing piece in the Box Head Drinking Game. Pour a shot of hard liquor. It's best to make the hard liquor something that tastes horrible or burns going down.

Roll the pair of dice. The first player at the table must roll the die. Depending on the roll, either the roller or other people at the table must drink. See the section called "Who Drinks" to find out what each combination of the dice means to the players in the game.

Rolling either of the dice off the table results in a penalty. The player that rolled the die or dice off the table must roll the die or dice that went off the table and drink the number of shots of hard liquor shown on the die or dice.

Continue playing the game by passing the dice to the next player in a clockwise rotation around the table.

Who Drinks

Rolling a pair of 1s or a pair of 2s is called double odds or double evens. On double odds, everyone must take one drink. If the roller rolls double evens, only the person that rolled the dice has to drink. In both situations, the player wearing the box on their head must also drink. That is explained later.

Rolling a 5 results in a social where everyone drinks just like double odds. The difference is after rolling a 5 , one die is rolled again. That die determines how many drinks each player must consume.

Roll a 6 and the roller of the dice gets to make up a new rule to add to the Box Head Drinking Game.

Rolling a 7 starts a race at the table. Each player must give the thumbs up signal. The last player to make that signal must drink.

Rolling an 8 or 9 is referred to as a penalty shot. The player that rolled that combination must take a shot of the hard liquor in the shot glass and refill the glass.

Rolling a 10 gives the player that rolled the die a welcome break. That break is a bathroom break. Nobody can use the bathroom until they roll a 10. The player that rolls a 10 can use the bathroom break or save it for later.

Rolling an 11 or 12 makes the roller wear the empty box of beer on his or her head. This is why the game is known as the Box Head Drinking Game. If a player is wearing the box of beer on his or her head they must consume the same amount of drinks as the roller of the dice. If there is a social, the player wearing the box of beer on his or her head must drink double the amount they normally would. The only way to remove the title of box head in the Box Head Drinking Game is if another player rolls 11 or 12 and gets the box, or the player wearing the box rolls an 11 or 12, which permits him or her to remove the box.

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