How to Play 3 Card Poker

By Dialogue Queen

Three card poker is a game that is gaining popularity because it's fun, easy to play and there is the potential to make a lot of money if you hit a big hand. This is something that you can sit and play with friends at the casino or at home if you have a gambling party or casino night. There are lots of betting styles you'll see as you play, but the best advice is to just go with your gut because it's all about the luck of the cards.

Look at the table in front of you. There are three circles for each player. The top one is called the "Pair Plus." The next is the "Ante" and the bottom one is the "Play." To be dealt in, place a bet on both the pair plus and the ante. Now you don't have to bet the pair plus, but that is where you will make your money in this game so not playing it is silly.

You will be dealt three cards face down. Wait until the dealer has dealt out all the cards as well as three cards to herself and then put all remaining cards in a discard slot. Pick up your three cards and look at them. You are trying to make a three card poker hand: a pair, high card, flush, straight and so on.

Decide if you want to play the hand. A playable hand is anything with a queen or higher. The dealer must have a queen to qualify but if the dealer has a Jack and you only have a ten high you will still lose. Sometimes it's worth protecting your bets but not always. That is something you learn as you play or just have a feeling about. So a queen high or higher meaning any pair, straight, flush or King or Ace high hand is a playable hand. Place a bet in the "play" circle and put your cards face down beside the bet.

Wait for all the other players to also decisde whether they will. Then watch as the dealer flips over his cards. If he has a Queen or better the hand qualifies, which means if you beat his hand hand you will be payed on the play bet as well as the ante bet and pair plus if you have a pair or better.

The dealer will then flip over everyone's cards one person at a time and compare his hand to the player's hand and make payments or collect the bets accordingly. A straight flush pays 40 to 1. Three of a kind pays 30 to 1. A straight pays 6 to 1. A flush 4-1. A pair pays 1-1. Have fun!

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