Pictionary Game Ideas

By Jennie Fancher
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Pictionary is a game in which one person draws and other players try to guess what the person is drawing. The game can be played with as few as four people, and a team can include two or more players. It is, in essence, charades with pen and paper and is a lively game for all ages.

Traditional Pictionary

Traditional Pictionary is the boxed game in which teams are created and follow a set of rules that come with the game. Teams make their way around a board and land on a spot on the board. One team member picks up a card and then draws whatever the card has written down for the category the team has landed on. There is a time limit (one minute timed by the sand of an hourglass), and if the team member(s) guess correctly the team gets to roll the dice and move forward. This traditional game of Pictionary has all-plays, where all teams are playing at once, each trying to be the first to guess what its artist is drawing.

No Box, No Worries

If you don't have the traditional game of Pictionary, don't worry; all you need to play Pictionary is a pen and paper. Like a game of charades, have everyone write 10 things to draw on separate slips of paper and throw them in a hat. When teams are created, each team can take turns playing by drawing on an easel or a pad of paper. A team that is not drawing can time the team that is playing. Points can be accumulated and the winning team can be the first to get 20 points (or whatever has been decided at the beginning of the game).

Give It a Theme

Make it a themed game in which the opposite team whispers a directive to the opposing drawer like "movie title," "travel" or "sports." The artist then has one minute to come up with something to draw from that theme and his team has to guess what it is. Pictionary is meant to be a game of fun, filled with laughter and imagination. The great things about Pictionary is it can be played anywhere with anyone. All you need is a pen and paper to give you and your family and friends hours of fun.

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