How to Pick Row Seating on Ticketmaster

By Joseph Mars
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When it comes to getting the best seats for the events you want to see, Ticketmaster is one of the largest and most reliable ticket vendors out there. Ticketmaster merged with Live Nation to form Live Nation Entertainment in 2010, and the company still offers you all of the seats you could want for professional and amateur outings, such as sports, musical concerts and other entertainment events.

Visit the Ticketmaster website and choose the event you want the tickets for; for example, if you're looking for Los Angeles Clippers tickets, click the "Sports" tab, then "NBA" to navigate to the tickets you want.

Type in an offer code or password if you have one to get discounts and other benefits in the "Enter offer code/password" text box, and click "OK."

Move around the map to access the row you want for the event by clicking and dragging the arrow buttons in the top-right corner of the screen. Zoom in to a row by clicking the bar and dragging it toward the "+" plus sign, and zoom out by dragging the bar toward the "-" minus sign.

Click on the seats within the row once you have navigated to it with the arrows and zoom feature; each seat you click on within the row will then automatically be added to your Ticketmaster Selected Seats queue. Choose the desired seat if offered multiple options. For example, if a seat you chose has both Adult and Child options, and you are an adult, then pick the Adult option by clicking its "Select" button.

Click the "Show Details" text in the bottom-left corner of the screen to review the row seats you just selected. Ensure the seats within the row are the ones you want, and click "Checkout" to buy the tickets for the event.

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