Photo Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

By Deb Powers
Photo Scavenger Hunt List Ideas
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A photo scavenger hunt is a fun activity that can be adapted for groups of all ages and sizes. It works just like a regular scavenger hunt, except the competing individuals or teams return with photos of the items on their list instead of the actual item. Be creative with your scavenger hunt list to make the activity more fun and more educational for all participants.

Local History Scavenger Hunt List

Celebrate the history of your town or neighborhood by putting together a list of local points of interest and historical sites. Make it more challenging for adult groups or historical buffs by putting the list into riddles, or by describing the site instead of giving its name. If you need help coming up with enough sites to fill your list, check the National Register of Historic Places database.

Themed Photo Scavenger Hunt

A themed photo scavenger hunt is a little twist on the classic "go find these items and bring back a picture" format. Instead of coming up with a list of specific sites or objects, put together a generic list of items that look like they'll be easy to find--things like a door, a street sign, a house or a car. Make the hunt more challenging by requiring that every item fit a chosen theme. Obvious themes like "things that are purple" are suitable for younger groups. Themes like "Alfred Hitchcock movies" will really challenge your scavenger hunters to get creative.

Horticultural Photo Scavenger Hunt

Challenge your class, youth group or party invitees to take a close look at the world around them with a horticultural scavenger hunt. Check with your local horticultural garden, garden club or university extension service for a list of plants that are indigenous to your area and send your participants out to capture as many as they can with their cameras. This can be especially fun with a group of city kids who may just think of most city plants as weeds.

A Tasty Photo Scavenger Hunt

Highlight local cuisine with a menu scavenger hunt. Gather menus from local restaurants and takeout sandwich shops. Make a list of house specialties, choosing one from each eatery. Send your hunters out to find the restaurant that serves it and bring back a photo of their front door or sign. This can be a lot of fun as a way to familiarize new college students with the neighborhood around the campus.

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