How to Paint Over Brass Fixtures

By Egon Schiele
This brass duck, another color
brass duck image by Edsweb from

Brass is an alloy of copper or zinc. It is often used for fixtures such as doorknobs and kickplates. It is in demand for its bright golden appearance and its durability. It is also used in musical instruments. Typically brass items are valued for their gold color, but it is also very easy to paint over the surface of a brass object, diluting the shine and creating a new, fresh look.

Clean the brass object with water, rinsing off all dirt and grime. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas. This provides a clean surface.

Polish the object, using a brass polish so that the surface is even to accept the paint application. Apply the polish with a clean cotton cloth, rub it in using a circular motion, and remove the polish with another clean cotton cloth.

Apply paint with a paintbrush, using any paint designed for metal. If you are painting brass that will be in contact with heat, such as by a fireplace, use a high-temperature paint.

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