How to Package a Magazine for Mailing

By Kirsten O'Hara

Ensuring that a magazine arrives at its destination safely is partially the responsibility of the shipper. This entails taking precautions against weather, sliding contents and careless handling. Protecting the magazine against all these factors requires a certain amount of planning and forethought before simply shoving the magazine into an envelope and sticking it in the mail. Certain techniques can be used to protect the magazine right up to the recipients front door.

Purchase an envelope large enough for the magazine, but not so large that it will slide around in transit.

Place the magazine inside a plastic bag to protect it from the weather. Then place a piece of cardboard on either side of the magazine to keep it from bending. Tape the cardboard pieces to the plastic-wrapped magazine.

Write or stamp "Do Not Bend" on the envelope. This alerts the post office to be careful with this item. Address the envelope, seal it, and take it to the post office for mailing.

About the Author

Kirsten O'Hara started freelance writing in 2010. She wrote for her university newspaper "Lion's Roar" and won several collegiate writing contests. O'Hara earned a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication and a minor in English from Southeastern Louisiana University.