Outdoor Fall Festival Games and Activities

By Krystal Miller
gourds, pumpkins, hay bales, an outdoor fall festival
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Welcome the change of seasons by hosting an outdoor fall festival with games and activities for everyone. Incorporate bales of hay, pumpkins and gourds into the games. A creative imagination, some supplies and a few ideas are all you need to get started. Awarding prizes such as candy, stickers and plush toys to the game winners will keep everyone involved in the games.

Painting and Decorating

Place several pumpkins and gourds in a box. Participants can select a pumpkin or gourd to paint and decorate. Place several markers, acrylic paints, googly eyes, glue, pipe cleaner, rhinestones, glitter pens and feathers on a table for everyone to use. Festival attendees can decorate their own pumpkin or gourd to take home. Children can enjoy the goofy faces they create on these items while adults can appreciate homemade fall decor.

Pumpkin Landing

Place two square bales of hay 6 feet from a standing line. You can adjust the line farther away or closer, as needed, depending on the player's age. Each player has three tosses to try to land the pumpkin on the bale of hay. The pumpkin must stay on the bale of hay for the player to win a prize. Allow younger children to use small pumpkins or gourds to toss on the hay bales.

Pumpkin Toss

Carve the top and insides out of four extra large pumpkins. Find two miniature pumpkins that will fit inside the pumpkins and set the miniatures aside. Place the large pumpkins on the ground in a vertical row. Write "S," "M," "L" and "XL" on the pumpkins. The letters represent the size of the prize the player wins. Mark a starting line 6 feet from the first pumpkin, which should be the "S" pumpkin. The "M," "L" and "XL" pumpkins should be behind the "S" pumpkin. Players must try to toss the miniature pumpkin into the larger pumpkins in order. If a player misses a throw, her turn is up. If she scores a goal in the "S" pumpkin, she gets a small prize. If she reaches the "M" pumpkin, she wins a medium prize. If she scores in the "L" or "XL" pumpkins, she wins a large or an extra large prize, respectively.

Gourd Rolling

Allow each player to select a gourd from a box of gourds. Have four players line up at a starting line. When you say, "Roll," they must push -- not throw -- the gourd with all their might, ensuring it never leaves the surface. The player who has the gourd that travels the farthest distance from the starting line wins the game.