How to Move a Piano With a Pickup Truck

By Cameron Easey
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A piano, such as a grand piano, may need to be moved to a different location when a house or the piano has been sold. The best way to move a piano is to use an enclosed moving truck. However, you can also use a pickup truck to move a piano. You will need to make sure that the piano has been properly wrapped before placing in the bed of the pickup.

Wrap the piano with plastic wrap. You can use regular plastic wrap that you can buy at your local grocery store. Start the top corner on one side of the piano. Walk around the length of the piano and lower the plastic wrap after each pass until you reach the bottom of the piano.

Place a furniture pad on the floor near the piano. Open the pad so that it is spread out on the floor.

Remove the legs of the piano. Have helpers hold the piano up and then use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are securing the legs to the bottom of the piano.

Set the body of the piano over the top of the furniture pad. Fold the furniture pad over the piano and overlap the ends of the furniture pad, if necessary.

Secure the furniture pad to the piano by using moving rubber bands. Lift up one end of the piano and place a moving rubber band over furniture pad. Lift the other end of the piano and place another moving rubber band over the furniture pad.

Lift the piano and carry it outside. You may need to turn the piano on its side to get it out of the door.

Set the piano into the bed of the pickup truck. Place quilts and other padding in between the piano and the sides of the pickup bed to prevent it from sliding.

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