How to Move a Howard Miller Clock

By Patrick Nelson

Howard Miller clocks include floor clocks, gallery clocks, table clocks, wall clocks and mantel clocks. There are also clocks for weather and maritime uses. Howard Miller also makes the Hekman line of furniture and owns Kieninger---a fine clock movement manufacturer from Germany. Howard Miller is probably best known for its floor clocks---also called grandfather clocks.

Wrap the chime rods in the packaging, it's the cardboard sleeve. Each rod has its own space within the packaging. The chime rods are accessed from the front door of the clock.

Wrap the sponge foam pads around the chime hammers. You can get to the hammers through the side access panel. Lift the panel up and push it in. Tip the panel out at a slight angle and pull it clear.

Place the white Styrofoam blocks on the pulleys and cables.

Remove the pendulum and pack the pendulum in the long cardboard box.

Unhook the weights and place them in the white Styrofoam box. The door key, crank and weights go in the white styrofoam box. The top box is for the instruction manual.

Fit all the boxes in the floor clock carton and you can now move the clock.

Remove the contents of the box at the new location. Level the clock. This is important for accuracy. You'll see levelers that adjust up and down. Position the clock where you want it and adjust the levelers so the clock is stable.

Remove the chime rod and movement packaging. Hang the pendulum and then the weights.