Monster Truck Events in New Jersey

By Tiffany Roget
Monster Truck Events in New Jersey
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Kids of all ages enjoy monster truck events and shows. Monster trucks are souped up with over-sized engines and gigantic tires that are taller than most children. They also have suspensions that are powerful enough to crush other vehicles. Monster trucks drive over buses, cars and large obstacles. Drivers are adept at performing tricks in them, revving engines for the crowd and spinning out. These events are loud and so are the audiences that attend, making it a good idea to take ear plugs. The New Jersey area offers various shows at different venues throughout the year.

Raceway Park

Raceway Park offers a variety of Motorsport events throughout the year. Fans attending this outdoor facility sit in bleachers to watch all the action. Monster truck fans can also visit the pit corral where they can see trucks such as Monster Mutt, Bulldozer and El Toro up close and even get autographs from drivers. During the show the giant trucks drive over cars, race each other side by side and take on ramps to prove whose truck is the best monster truck and whose the best driver.

Raceway Park 230 Pension Road Englishtown, NJ 07726 (732) 446-7800

Thunder on the Beach

New Jersey Thunder Motorsports' Thunder on the Beach is held on a custom-made beach course that forces trucks to barrel through the water, cruise along the sand and crash through sand dunes. Drivers race one another for first, second and third place. Fans can also meet the drivers and see the trucks up close. You can even get your own monster truck ride. Specialty competitions such as Megasaurus and Tuff Truck competitions are held as well. These determine which truck can jump farthest and/or sustain the highest jump and its impact from the landing. Show attendees also have the chance to watch four-wheel quad sport bikes compete against one another in Quad Wars.

Thunder on the Beach Wildwood Beach Lincoln and the beach Wildwood, NJ 08260 (609) 523-8051

Monster Jam

Monster Jam sponsors various monster truck shows and events nationwide. The Izod Center arena sponsors the local Monster Jam events in this area. Fan favorites such as El Toro, Medusa, Maximum Destruction, Bounty Hunter and Grave Digger make appearances. Trucks race around the perimeter of the arena driving over and crushing cars and buses, taking on ramps and performing jumps, and racing each other for speed and accuracy. Trucks also take on one another in an obstacle course. Front-end pull-ups, where drivers manipulate their gears resulting in the front end of their truck pulling high up in the air, are performed at this show. Freestyle BMX bicycle racers also perform and compete against one another.

Izod Center 50 Route 120 East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (201) 935-8500