How to Moisturize Cigars

By Ava Perez
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The best method for keeping cigars fresh is storing them in a humidor, which is a box specially designed for maintaining moisture levels. Cigars can also be stored in a plastic bag in your freezer for several months. The optimal condition for cigars is a temperature between 70 and 72 degrees with 70 percent humidity. Any variation can risk your cigars drying out, causing them to lose flavor and burn harshly. If your cigars have dried out, try this technique for rejuvenating them.

Clean the plastic container with hot water and allow to air dry. It is important that the storage container is thoroughly clean as it will be maintaining a moist environment for your cigars. Bacteria and mold flourish with moisture so be sure to start with a clean container.

Place the cigars into the plastic container and seal tightly. This will concentrate any moisture that is left in the cigars. Allow the cigars to remain sealed inside for two days.

Open the container after two days and check your cigars for moistness. Test the cigar by squeezing it gently. A moist cigar should feel firm and springy. If it feels woody, spongy or soft, proceed to Step 4.

Dampen the sponge with distilled water. Wring out any excess water. You want the sponge to be moist, not soaked.

Place the cigars in the plastic container and move them to one side. Place your sponge into the container, opposite the cigars.

Put the lid on the container and press all but one corner of the container closed. Keeping this corner open will prevent the container from becoming too moist, which could result in mold growth.

Check the cigars after one day. Perform the "squeeze test" again, as outlined in Step 3. Your cigars should be sufficiently moisturized. If not, replace the lid and allow to rest for an additional day.

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