Michigan Rummy Game Rules

By Aaron Reynolds

Michigan rummy is an interesting card game that is ideal for 3 to 8 players age 8 and up. Tired of the same old card games that get boring after awhile? Try Michigan rummy, something new and exciting in the world of cards.

Items Needed

You need a 14-inch plastic game tray with 9 compartments. You also need four stacks of betting chips (96 pieces) and one standard deck of 52 playing cards.

How to Start

Two is the lowest and ace is always the highest card in the game. Instruct each player to draw a card. Whoever has the highest card will deal.


Each player must place one chip in each of the 8 compartments as well as the "bonus" compartment in the center. The dealer on the other hand, sets two chips in all 9 compartments.


The dealer must hand out all the cards in the deck, starting with the player clockwise to him. The dealer hands out a card to each player and then one to the "dummy" hand. The "dummy" hand is sort of a wild card hand, allowing the dealer to exchange his hand with the "dummy" whenever he does not have any bonus cards.


Each hand has three stages. The player on the left of the dealer begins, and is allowed to play any suit but must play the lowest card. The player with the next highest card (same suit) in the sequence plays next. The sequence continues until the ace is played or a card from the "dummy" hand. The next series begins with the lowest card in a suit of the opposite color.

Object of Game

The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. In return for all your cards, you will collect chips from the center jackpot. Chips are also awarded to the player at the end of the game with the highest poker hand.

About the Author

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