How to Measure Square Feet

By Terri Rawls
How to measure square feet
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If you have ever talked to an architect, Realtor or landscaper, then you have heard the term square feet. Their livelihood depends on knowing how to measure square feet for their projects. Any time you are ready to take on a home improvement project, you will need this very same knowledge. Whether laying tile, painting walls, gardening or building an outdoor deck, you will need to know how to measure square feet to ensure you have purchased enough material to complete your project. While there are many online calculators that make measuring square feet as simple as typing in numbers, knowing how to measure square feet on location can make things much easier.

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Measure the length and width of the area where you are trying to determine the square feet. You follow the same process for measuring square feet of a wall, except you measure the height and the width. Double check your measurements a couple of times to ensure that your measurements are correct. Write down your measurements so you won't forget them.

Multiply your measurements. Length in feet times width in feet equals the area in square feet. Double check your figures to avoid mistakes.

Round up to the next whole number when measuring square feet for a home improvement project. This will ensure you have purchased enough material to complete your project and save you from another trip.

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