What Are Marbles Made Out of?

By Lauren Vork

Beautiful and entertaining, marbles make the foundation of many children's games as well as many adult hobbies and decorations. These classic objects have have historically been made from a wide variety of materials and continue to be made in different mediums today.


Most marbles made commercially today are made from glass, which is good for mass production and makes smooth orbs.


Marbles have often been made of stone, including real marble, which is thought to have something to do with the name of the toy.


Historically, some marbles have been made of porcelain, according to records dating back to 1815 in England.


Plastic marbles are often included in modern children's board games, especially those that center around contests to collect them quickly (such as the classic, "Hungry, Hungry, Hippos").


Though less popular today, marbles have historically been made of clay due to the ease of creating round shapes with this material.


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