How to Make a Video Mix

By Angela Neal
a video mix, your computer
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If you have a lot of videos that you like, you may want to put together a video mix to keep all of your favorite moments together. This is the video equivalent of a collage or a photo slideshow. You may think that clipping and mixing segments of your favorite videos would be too complicated, or you would need expensive software, but this is not the case. You can use the software you probably already have on your computer.

Step 1

Open a movie editor like Windows Movie Maker if you are on a PC or iMovie if you have a Mac. Both of these video editors are linked in the References and are free for download if you don't already have them.

Step 2

Hit "Videos" under the "Import" menu to find the videos on your computer that you want to mix. Select the videos and they will display in the program above the storyboard. Left click on the first video you want to add and drag it over to the first frame of the storyboard.

Step 3

Click on "View" > "Timeline" (or similar) to view the duration of the first video. Drag the bars on either side at the bottom to select the specific fragment of the video that you want to include in your video mix. Hit "Play" at the top to preview that segment.

Step 4

Select "View" > "Storyboard" and drag the next video that you want to clip in the second frame. Repeat step 3 until you have added and clipped all of your video segments into the mix.

Step 5

Click on "Audio or Music" under the "Import" menu to locate the music file you want to add. Drag the music file into the first frame. If you want to add another music file, just drag another into the frame where the previous one ends. To stop the music at any point, switch to the "Timeline" view and drag the bars on either side. Go to "Tools" > "Narrate Timeline" to add your own voice if you want.

Step 6

Go to "File" > "Save Project" when you are happy with your video mix.

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