How to Make Things out of Sea Glass

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Sea glass can be used in a variety of creative ways to make unique designs for decorative pieces. With a good idea, the right tools and a decent collection of sea glass, any collector has the ability to work with a variety of craft projects. Many can be made from simple household items.

Decorate a Frame or Mirror

Find a plane frame with flat and wide edges and a smooth surface.

Sort through your collection of sea glass to choose desired colors. Also look for pieces that are fairly small and have some flat edge.

Apply super-glue or other strong adhesive to the back of each piece of sea glass. Do not apply the adhesive to every piece at once. Instead, it's better to apply glue to a single piece, attach it to the frame or mirror and then move on to gluing the next piece of sea glass.

Arrange each piece of sea glass onto frame to fit in next to each other in a pleasing fashion. Decorative things often look better with fewer empty spaces because, over time, empty spaces tend to collect dust.

Add glue to any empty areas on the frame, cover with sand and then shake loose the excess sand for an extra touch to your frame.

Insert a favorite beach photo into the frame to complete the project.

Replace the frame with a mirror that has a similar border and hang it as a household decoration.

Design a Piece of Sea Glass Jewelry

Start by deciding which type of jewelry to make, whether it be earrings or a pendant necklace. Decorative things make wonderful gifts, so consider designing some things to be given away and some to be kept.

Head out to the nearest jewelry, bead and fixings store to purchase wrapping wire, as well as rope to use for a necklace and backings or French wires to use for the earrings.

Use the wrapping wire to wrap around a favorite and colorful piece of sea glass for either the necklace or the earrings.

Attach the wire-wrapped sea glass to the jewelry with a jump ring to complete the project. Test out your new design as soon as possible by wearing it with a favorite dress or tank.