How to Make Stuffed Toys

By G.K. Bayne

Making stuffed toys for your baby or toddler is not difficult. You can either purchase material from a fabric store or use fabric you already have around the house. Stuffed toys can be any shape you desire, from square blocks to animals and dolls. Creating a pattern for the stuffed toy requires only a pencil and paper.

Create your pattern. Draw the shape you wish to make on paper. You can use newspaper, grocery sacks or even copy or notebook paper for smaller toys.

Lay the pattern over a piece of fabric that has been folded in half with the outside of the material to the inside. Pin the pattern to the material.

Cut the fabric following the pattern. Once the toy has been cut out, remove the pattern and re-pin the two pieces of fabric together.

Sew three sides of the fabric together. Turn the stuffed toy inside out.

Use fiberfill to stuff the toy. Use the eraser end of the pencil or a chopstick to stuff the fiberfill into arms, legs or other small areas.

Sew the final seam of the toy by turning in the unfinished edges and sewing them together.

Cut small circles or ovals from a contrasting material to use as eyes if you are making an animal or doll. Sew the eyes in the appropriate place.

Sew a nose and mouth using a double strand of embroidery thread, if needed.

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