How to Make Your Score Sheet on Bunco

By Kat Black
Bunco, each table, three dice
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A dice game with historical ties to the seedy world of crooked gamblers and speak-easies, Bunco has risen in popularity with families and children since the early 1980s. As the game is played with groups of 12 people, it is ideal for parties. Each game contains four sets of six rounds of play. Keeping score throughout each round is essential. A well-constructed score sheet makes the process much easier.

Write your name on top of the paper. If you are using a spreadsheet program, type your name at the top of the document.

Create five columns by drawing six vertical lines down your paper, leaving a small blank space at the bottom of the page. On top of the second column, write "Set 1." Write "Set 2" on top of the third column, "Set 3" on top of the fourth column and "Set 4" on top of the fifth column. If you are creating a spreadsheet, type the column names in the appropriate cells.

Create six rows, one for each of the six rounds of play. Label each row with its corresponding number. For example, label the first row "1."

Include a space at the bottom of the page to indicate your total number of wins, losses and buncos.

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