How to Make Red Out of Other Colors

By Cameron Holmes
Experiment, different colors, the right red hue
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The color red is a primary color which can never be created with other colors. Red can however, be mixed together with other colors to give it a duller, brighter or deeper hue. If you want to create a certain hue of red, choose a color formula to mix and match onto your palette. You may need to experiment with other colors, such as white and yellow base colors, to get the exact hue you desire.


Place a small cup of water beside your paintbrush and palette, to rinse the paintbrush in between mixing.

Squeeze a small amount of red paint onto the palette first and an equal amount of orange paint on the palette. Dip the paintbrush into the orange paint and wipe it over an untouched part of the palette.

Rinse the brush in the water cup beside your palette and wipe any remaining orange paint from the brush with a cloth towel.

Dip the brush tip into the red paint and swirl it around on top of the orange paint smear to create a clean red-orange blend. Continuously mix more orange paint into the red smear, in small increments to get the orange-red color you desire.

Brick Red

Lay the color's foundation; squeeze a moderately-sized drop of red paint onto a color palette.

Squeeze dime-sized drops of blue and brown paint onto the palette. Smear the red paint with the paintbrush and spread it in a large circle in the middle of the palette. Rinse the tip of your paintbrush with water and wipe away any excess red coloring with a clean cloth.

Lightly dip the brush into the blue paint and dip it into the red paint smear. Mix the two colors together thoroughly in a circular fashion, until both colors are well-blended and until the red appears to be a deeper hue.

Leave the rest of the red paint untouched. If you notice the red hue is turning purple, dilute the color with more red paint from the red paint drop. Rinse the brush in the water bowl before re-dipping it.

Dip the paintbrush into the brown paint, dragging twice as much brown paint as you've done with the blue coloring into the blue-red paint smear. Mix well, until you are satisfied with the brick red hue.

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