How to Make a Pyramid Out of Blocks

By Stephanie Daniels
How to Make a Pyramid Out of Blocks
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Whether you are making a model pyramid for a class assignment, as part of a miniature golf course or simply as a way to use up some spare time, you are not going to be building any massive structures like those of the ancient Egyptians. However, you will be using the basic principles the Egyptians used in their pyramids if you are making the pyramid from blocks. Though the ancient Egyptian pyramids look like a triangular cone when viewed from afar or in pictures, the pyramids do not actually have smooth sloping sides, but instead have jagged, staircase-resembling sides.

Step 1

Determine the dimensions of your block pyramid model and choose where you will build your pyramid. If building the model outdoors with cinder blocks, shovel out an area to place the pyramid. Use a tape measure to ensure that you get an area that is perfectly square, the same width and length. The area does not have to be perfectly level and can be off a tiny bit.

Step 2

Lay the first layer of blocks at the pyramid’s base. Lay the perimeter of the pyramid base first; set the blocks lengthwise with the widest ends of the blocks facing outward. Fill in the perimeter by placing blocks inside the outer square. Try to keep the middle filling blocks packed closely together in order to build a sturdier pyramid.

Step 3

Begin the second level of the pyramid. Set the perimeter into place first again. This time, set the perimeter in from the perimeter of the first level. Set the perimeter in approximately ½ the width of one block so that the edge of the second level sits in the middle of the blocks making up the perimeter of the outer level.

Step 4

Fill in the area inside the perimeter of the second level. Try to sit the blocks as close together as possible; you will end up with a few gaps, but you will want to make sure that the blocks of the next level can sit on top of these blocks without falling or wobbling.

Step 5

Continue placing each level of the pyramid until you reach the very top where only one block can be placed. Taper in the levels of the pyramid by sitting the new perimeters of each level in halfway of each previous perimeter.

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