How to Make Photo Books

By Michaela Davila

Most of us love to take pictures. Before long, our digital cameras are filled and we need to decide what to do with all the pictures. Rather than printing out a bunch of pictures, purchasing an album and sliding the photos into slots, you could make a photo book. These days, you do not need to pay a professional photographer to create a book for you. Is relatively easy to make your own photo book.

Step 1

Create your own photo book online through a website such as Picaboo or Snapfish. Check out both Picaboo and Snapfish (see Resources) and choose the site you prefer. Some things to consider when making your choice are the page layout options offered as well as the cost of making a photo book. Download the photo book tools from the site you choose.

Step 2

Upload the digital pictures you want to use in your photo book onto your computer. Attach your digital camera to your computer using the USB cord that came with the camera. Once you attach the camera, your photo book site will prompt you to select the pictures you want to use for the book. Follow the prompts to select and save the pictures you want to use.

Step 3

Choose a cover type for your album by making a selection from the available covers. Look at the pictures you uploaded, as well as the page layout options on the site, to get an idea of how many pages you want to have in your photo book. Choose your page layouts and insert the pictures you want to use on each page. Take advantage of the editing tools on the site to zoom in, zoom out, crop and rotate your pictures to get the look you want. Continue to insert your pictures into your page layouts until your photo book is complete.

Step 4

Follow the instructions on the site to order a copy of your completed book. There may be discounts available if you order multiple books at one time.