How to Make Your Own Pool Table Light

By Andrew Dewitt
Make Your Own Pool Table Light
Illustrations by Andrew DeWitt

No rec room is complete without a working pool table and no pool table is complete without a pool table light. A pool table light adds ambiance and allows for late night sessions. Creating a pool table light on your own is an inexpensive and enjoyable project. Follow along with the step-by-step method to complete this do-it-yourself project.

Step 1

Measure, the wood planks, Measure and cut the wood planks to shape, a hand saw

Measure and cut the wood planks to shape using a hand saw. Cut two lengths for the sides with the exact same dimensions. Cut another thinner piece for the top. All these pieces should be around 55 inches long. The side pieces should be around 12 inches wide and the top around 8 inches. Cut another piece for the electrical housing; it should be slightly smaller than the top piece.

Step 2

Hot glue, the electrical housing, the wood piece, Attach the fluorescent  bulbs

Hot glue the electrical housing to the wood piece. Attach the fluorescent bulbs. Let the glue dry. Gently flip the board over and test to see if everything holds.

Step 3

the light frame, Hammer, the pieces, the tin snips

Create the light frame. Hammer together the pieces. Using the tin snips add copper plating to the top of the light fixture. Press and fold this into place and gently hammer the copper plating onto the wood.

Step 4

the electrical housing, the frame, the hot glue gun, the fixture

Fix the electrical housing inside the frame. Use the hot glue gun to seal the fixture to the frame. Add two nails on both ends to ensure that the electrics are fixed in place.

Step 5

Drill, the wire, Drill, the hanging chains

Drill a small hole for the wire to pass through. Drill and attach the hanging chains to the top of the frame. Weave the wiring in between the chains. Drill and screw the chains to the ceiling. You may string the wiring across the ceiling to an electrical plug on the wall or rewire a light fixture on the ceiling.

About the Author

Andrew DeWitt is a freelance writer/illustrator and stand-up comic with more than eight years of professional experience. He has written for Chicago Public Radio, Vocalo Radio, Second City Chicago, and The Lemming. DeWitt has a liberal arts degree with a double major in theater and creative writing.