How to Make Your Own Maze

By Liza Hollis
Make Your Own Maze
Maze drawn and scanned by Elizabeth Wood

With a little creativity, you can make a maze that will challenge your friends and family. Once you have made your maze, you can add a little story to make it more fun. Read on to learn how to make your own maze.

Start with a piece of graph paper.

Draw the outside parameters of your maze. The simplest mazes to make will have a square or rectangular shape, but once you become familiar with the process you can make the maze whatever shape you want.

Leave an opening on opposite sides of your maze--one for the start, one for the finish.

Starting from the finish point, draw out the path you want to follow to start. Make sure to use the grid pattern of the graph paper to move the path in many different directions before reaching start to make it a challenge for your players.

Once the correct path has been determined, now you must make distracting paths. Use straight lines around the correct path to confuse your players. Randomize the distracting paths to make them misleading. Because you will already have the correct path determined, do not be worried about making these distracting paths workable.

Write "Start" and "Finish" at their respective points on your maze.

Test it on your friends.

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