How to Make Liquid Soap

By eHow Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor

Liquid soap is a very convenient soap to make at home, as it can be used right after it is mixed instead of the long time needed to wait for solid soaps to cool. Liquid soap is also versatile and can be put into pump containers of any type. Liquid soap can be made in any scent and color to go with any bathroom or kitchen color scheme. Read on to learn how to make liquid soap.

Use a glass or stainless steel soap pot for mixing and melting the ingredients. Keep the soap pot inside another pot, much like using a double boiler.

Make a mixture of 40 oz. of distilled water with 5.5 oz. of potassium hydroxide in the soap pot. Heat this mixture to about 120 degrees.

Mix a separate pot with oils. Make a mixture 16 oz. of a base oil, such as sunflower oil, and another 7 oz. of a fragrant oil, such as coconut oil. Mix in 2 oz. of boric acid with 10 oz. of distilled water. Heat this mixture to about 120 degrees.

Add the second mixture to the first mixture. Mix the two together with a stick blender or a wooden spoon.

Keep mixing the ingredients until they thicken. Add 3 oz. of an essential oil or soap fragrance. Add a soap dye if necessary, or allow the soap to retain its natural color. Dilute this soap base in boiling distilled water and stir this mixture hourly for the first day.

Allow the mixture to cool and thicken for about two days, and then pour your liquid soap into any soap pump.