How to Make Homemade Pictionary Cards

By Jessica Reed
Homemade Pictionary Cards
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Pictionary is a board game that combines the guesswork of charades with drawing. The person drawing for each team selects a card at random and draws a picture from it. The team must try to guess what the word is. The person drawing cannot talk or write down letters or numbers in their drawings. Give your game of Pictionary a personal twist by making your own cards. You can make them more challenging, or make the game suitable for younger players.

Step 1

Cut, square cards, card stock paper, a note card
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Cut square cards from card stock paper, or use a note card for each Pictionary card you want to create.

Step 2

five boxes, a row, the card, top
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Draw five boxes in a row on the card, going horizontally from top to bottom. Starting with the top box and working your way down, color in each box with the corresponding color: yellow, blue, orange, green, and finally red. The first box will be yellow, the second box will be blue, and so on down to the last box, which is red.

Step 3

a "P&quot, front, the first box, This letter
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Write a "P" in front of the first box. This letter matches the letter on the category cards in the game, letting the person drawing the picture know what category the word falls under.

Step 4

an "O&quot, the blue box, the orange box, the green box
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Write an "O" by the blue box, an "A" by the orange box, a "D" by the green box and the letters "AP" by the red box.

Step 5

a word, each box, the player, These words
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Write down a word in each box for the player to draw. These words can be picked at random, or you can choose to only use words that fit under a certain theme such as the beach. See the following steps for the guidelines on what type of word you can write in each box.

Step 6

a person, place, animal, the yellow box
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Choose a person, place or animal for the yellow box. Proper names can be used too, if they fit into the person, place or animal group.

Step 7

an object, the blue box, something, you
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Choose an object for the blue box. This must be something that you can touch or see.

Step 8

a verb, the orange box, an action, you
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Choose a verb for the orange box. This must be an action that you perform, like "Run" or "Jump."

Step 9

a difficult word, the green box, any word
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Choose a difficult word for the green box. This is any word that is challenging to draw or guess.

Step 10

any word, your choice, the red box, The letters
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Use any word of your choice for the red box. The letters beside it, "AP", stand for "All Play." This means the person drawing the pictures for each team will all draw this word at once, and whichever team guesses it correctly first will take their turn next.

Step 11

your homemade cards, you, Pictionary cards, a team
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Use your homemade cards just as you would regular Pictionary cards. When a team takes their turn, the person drawing selects a card and draws the picture in the colored box matching the colored square their team is on.

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