How to Make Uncle Gene's Homemade fruit Brandy

By braniac

When Uncle Gene was still with us, he would make this delightfully sweet brandy. We would have a shot of it whenever we would visit him at his cabin in Michigan. With the abundance of fruit, Summer is the perfect time to make this recipe. My personal preference is apricot and/or blueberry brandy. This is a nice gift for relatives, neighbors and friends. If you like sweet & fruity brandy, this recipe is for you.

Make certain the crock is clean.

In the crock dilute the sugar in the boiling water. Slice lemons in half, and squeeze a little of the juice into the crock. add the lemons into the sugar mixture.

add yeast and fruit to sugar mixture and mix well.

Place lid on crock and store is a cool dry place. (put something heavy on the lid to keep a tight seal)

For a week, stir the mixture once a day.

at the end of the week add the raisins and mix well. Let stand for 3 weeks. Keep weight on lid & do not stir during this time.

Filter the brandy & put into clean glass bottles.