How to Make a Corn Hole Set

By Susan Revermann
Aim for the hole.
Miniature Golf hole image by Jim Mills from

Corn hole games have become a popular backyard or tailgating game. There are pre-made corn hole sets on the market that are available for purchase, but you can also build your own with household tools and lumber. Making your own allows you the freedom to personalize the painting design and revel in the enjoyment of constructing your own set.

Measure, mark and cut the 2x4 wood. Cut four pieces that are 4 feet long and four pieces that are 21 inches long. Use a mitre saw or hand saw to cut the wood. These pieces will be used to make the legs of your set.

Measure and cut your plywood piece. One side of the plywood piece should be 2 feet wide and the other should be 4 feet long. Make sure that your lines are straight and the correct length before you cut. A circular saw, table saw, or hand saw can be used to accomplish this cut.

Grab the 21 inch and 4-foot 2x4s and place the pieces together to make two rectangles that will be used for the frame. The pieces should be situated in such a way that the 2-inch edge is on the ground and the 4-inch side is vertical. The 21-inch pieces should be on the inside of the construction. Hold the pieces together with clamps.

Drill two holes into each of the 4-foot pieces where they meet the 21-inch pieces. Fasten the corners together with 3-inch drywall screws through these holes.

Place a plywood piece on both of your rectangle frames. Drill holes along the edges and connect the pieces together with 8- to 10-inch screws. Three screws on the top, bottom, and on each side will secure it into place nicely.

Take a 2-foot long 2x4 and, with a protractor and pencil, mark a line that has a 99 degree angle at the end of the board so that the line lies directly at the middle length of the board. Cut the board along this line. Measure the longest end of each piece that you have just cut to make sure that it is 11 5/8 inches at its longest point. Adjust accordingly.

Place the board underneath the plywood board and make sure that the plywood measures 1 foot off the ground. This is regulation height for the game. Adjust accordingly to get it to this height.

Measure and mark 1 ¾ inches from the side of the leg and also up the same distance from the end of the leg. Use a compass to draw a half circle, using the intersecting point of the lines as a midway point. The half circle edges will touch the edge of the board. Use a mitre or hand saw to cut along this line.

Mark a point 3 ¼ inches down from the top of the table frame and 1 ¾ inches in from the sides. Drill a 3/8 inch hole at that point on both sides of the platform.

Place the carriage bolts through each hole and fasten with washers and wing nuts. Use a hammer to tap the bolt in if needed. Double-check the height to make sure it is 1 foot off the ground.

Measure and mark 1 foot from the side and 9 inches from the end of the platform with the legs on it. Draw a circle with a diameter of 6 inches, using the marking you just made for the midpoint. This will be the hole for the platform.

Drill the hole in the middle of the circle, then use a jigsaw to cut the hole out. Clean edges with sandpaper.

Sand out any blemishes and fill any holes with wood filler to smooth out the surface. Paint the outer surface of your platform any color or design you see fit and let it dry thoroughly.

Sew eight 7x7 inch squares, ½ inch from the edges, four of each color. Each bag should have 16 ounces of corn inside it. You are ready to play.