How to Make a Chewing Gum Wrapper Chain

By Suzie Faloon
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School-age children and teens made colorful chains from gum wrappers during the 1960s. They made these chains using the exterior paper wrappers from long, flat gum pieces. You can fold the papers and use them to make a zig-zag chain. Bracelets, rings, necklaces and chains are fashioned to decorate a bedroom. One printed gum wrapper is used to make two links in the paper crafted chain. Gift wrap and colored paper can be used if gum wrappers are unavailable.

Gum Wrapper Link

Remove the outer wrapper from a piece of gum. Pull the paper wrap open along the adhered line.

Flatten the wrapper up to its full size. Fold the paper wrapper in half on the longest side. Crease the fold with your fingernail.

Tear or cut the paper in half on the fold. Set one piece of the gum wrapper aside. Fold the remaining wrapper piece in half lengthwise on the printed side to make a crease and then unfold it again.

Pull one long, printed side of the paper over and line it up with the crease at the center. Fold the printed end down. Repeat with the other side.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise with the colorful print outside. Fold this long thin piece in half in the middle to form a large V.

Fold each end in toward the point of the V-shape. You will now see a smaller V and four visible folds in the paper link.

Gum Wrapper Chain

Make several gum wrapper links. Pick up one link in your fingers. Look for the slots in the link.

Pick up a second gum wrapper link and insert the ends into the slots of the first link.

Push the second link until the two piece fit snugly together.

Add more links to the gum wrapper chain until it reaches the length you want. Secure the end with a piece of tape or glue.

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