How to Make a Cheap Platform Bed

By Delialah Falcon
How to Make a Cheap Platform Bed
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A platform bed is a bed without springs that utilizes a wooden platform base to support the mattress. There is no box spring and no metal base. By purchasing some lumber and using basic construction supplies, you can build your own platform bed for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one from the store.

Step 1

Measure all sides of the lumber to make sure they are straight and squared. Use the saw to trim the lumber if necessary.

Step 2

Saw one of the 14 foot pine boards into one 4' x 7" piece and five 1' x 9" pieces. Set aside. Saw the three remaining 14 foot pine boards into nine 4' x 7" pieces.

Step 3

Saw the 10' pine board into one 4' x 7" inch piece and three 1' x 9" piece. Set aside. Saw both of the fir larch boards into one 4 foot piece and one 5' x 11" piece.

Step 4

Measure the ends of both fir larch boards to 3/4 inches in from the ends and mark the spot with the pencil. Measure in 3/4 inches from the edges and mark the spot with the pencil. Drill a hole on the mark and use a #10 drill bit to countersink. Make sure there are now eight holes in the boards.

Step 5

Lay out the fir larch pieces to make the bed frame. Attach the small fir larch pieces to the large fir larch pieces using 3 inch screws to assemble the frame. Measure from the bottom right corner to the top left corner of the frame to check that the frame is even. Make any necessary adjustments by manipulating the frame back and forth.

Step 6

Flip the frame upside down. Stand alongside the width of the frame and use your left hand to latch the tape measure onto the right edge of the frame. Hold the tape in place and pencil in marks with your right hand at the following measurements along the length of the frame: 2 and 1/2 inch; 9 and 3/4 inch; 17 inch; 24 and 1/4 inch; 31 and 1/2 inch; 38 and 3/4 inch; 46 inch; 53 and 1/4 inch; 60 and 1/2 inch; 67 and 3/4 inch and 71 and 1/2 inch. Go back and pencil an X just to the right of all but the last measurement. Pencil an X to the left of the last measurement.

Step 7

Stand alongside the length of the frame and repeat all of the steps above. Use four of the 2 inch screws for each slat and attach. Position a slat over every X spot and make sure the edges are even with the layout line. The first slat and the last slat will hang approximately 1 inch over the top and the bottom of the bed frame.

Step 8

Place two of the 1' x 9" inch pine pieces on their edges and butt them together at a 90 degree angle. Secure in place with three of the 2 inch screws. Continue to repeat with remaining pine pieces until you complete all four bed legs.

Step 9

Flip the bed back over and place a 1" x 4" scrap piece into the corner of the 2" x 4" frame. Place one of the bed legs into the space and butt it up to the 1" x 4". Attach, using two screws on each 1" x 4". Move the scrap over to another corner and repeat steps. Continue for each corner.