How to Make Carnival Games for Kids

By Karen Frisch

There are a variety of games, both old and new, that can help make children's carnivals a success. If your church or school is in need of ideas for games that will entertain children of various ages, these ideas will get you started. They're simple and manageable even for a small crew of volunteers. Most games can be altered slightly to make them easier or harder depending on the ages of the participants.

Make a bean bag toss by first drawing three holes, large enough so that a beanbag can easily fit, in the corrugated cardboard, about a foot apart. Cut out the holes.

Make three large triangular supports strengthened with cardboard layers. Tape them to the back of the target even with the floor.

Use masking tape to make a line on the floor 5 feet from the target for young children to stand behind. Make a second line further back for older kids. Award prizes based on how many beanbags the children threw in the holes.

For a game in which children knock down cans, first empty and clean 10 metal soda cans.

Place four cans on the bottom, three on top of them in the next row, two above that, and one on the top. Give children a tennis ball to use to knock down the cans. Award points and give prizes for the most cans knocked down.

For a game in which children place tokens on colored squares, first tape together six pieces of colored paper so it is in a long row. The colors should all be different.

Use markers to color the six sides of a large die with the same colors that are on the row of colored paper.Give children plastic tokens to place on the color of their choice. Roll the die. If the color on top of the die matches the color of the square on which the player put his token, he wins.