How to Make a Candle Kite

By Larry Parr

Candle kites are easy to make, but they can be dangerous. If you make a candle kite do not allow it to fly over houses or fields of dry grass, because what makes a candle kite fly is a live, burning candle. In fact, every part of a candle kite is flammable, so you need to take tremendous care whenever flying such a device.

Use Scotch tape to tape closed the top of a light polymer dry cleaner's garment bag (tape closed the area where the coat hanger would go).

Make an X out of two thin balsa wood sticks. The X should fit the opening of the polymer garment bag. Use Scotch tape to tape the X into the opening of the bag so the sticks hold the bag open.

Light one of the birthday candles and drip melted wax onto the balsa wood sticks. Use the blobs of melted wax to hold 12 birthday candles onto the X of balsa wood. The candles need to be arranged with 3 candles on each arm of the X, approximately 1 inch apart and arranged symmetrically.

Take your kite outside and light all 12 birthday candles, holding the polymer bag up and away from the flames. Allow the heat from the candle flames to rise up into the bag and inflate it. Use small pieces of Scotch tape to close any holes in the bag where hot air is leaking out.

Release the hot-air-filled bag and allow it to rise.

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