How to Find Powerball Lottery Winning Numbers for Any Date

By eHow Contributor
Powerball Lottery Winning Numbers, Any Date

Do you have an old Powerball ticket that you never checked? Wonder where you can find the numbers from six months ago when you went down to South Carolina and thought you would buy a ticket just for fun? You can use Powerball's website to find every winning lottery combination in the history of Powerball. Go ahead--check your ticket. Even if you only win the $4 prize for having the Powerball, it's more than you had before you came across this article.

the upper left hand, your screen

Log on to At the upper left hand of your screen, below the blue Powerball heading, click on "Powerball numbers".

If you bought a ticket for any of the past three lottery drawings, your winning numbers will appear on the page that opens. If you have an older ticket, click on the link that says "Old Numbers". This is located to the lower right of the heading "Powerball Winning Numbers".

In the box marked "From", click on the drop-down arrow and find and click the date of the ticket you want to search. Do the same in the "Back to" box. This allows you to search winning numbers for a series of drawings; for instance, all the drawings from 11/8/06 to 1/13/07. The winning numbers from the date(s) you select will open on the screen.