How to Load a Humidor

By Mary McNally
your humidor, your cigars
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Loading a cigar humidor is more than just placing your new cigars in the cigar tray. The interior humidity of the humidor should be around 70 percent. The humidor top must keep out air and mold. You should have enough space to rotate your cigars into a different position every few weeks. Follow a few simple tips to load your cigar humidor to keep your cigars fresh.

Check the hygrometer on the humidor to ensure that the humidity is around 70 percent. Proceed to Step 2 if the humidity is less than 70 percent.

Remove the cigar trays, and paint the interior, including the top and bottom edges that close together, with distilled water and a paint brush until the interior is just damp. Close the top and let the water soak into the humidor for about an hour.

Soak the humidor puck in 3 to 4 cups of distilled water in a bowl. Set the remainder of the distilled water aside for the next time you need to adjust the humidity inside the humidor. Leave the humidor in the distilled water for about an hour and then remove it. Wipe it off with a towel to ensure that it does not drip water.

Place the humidor puck beneath the cigar trays or in the humidification unit slot on the side if it will fit. Replace the cigar trays.

Remove the cellophane from your cigars, or uncap your tubed cigars and remove them from the tubes. Place the cigars in the cigar trays. Rotate your cigars every few weeks to keep them fresh. Keep the cigar tubes and caps in case you want to carry a cigar with you.

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